Jun 20 2019 - Jun 22 2019


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June 20-22, 2019: FIND Yourself in The Hawaii Darkroom

We are pleased to announce a very special event! A black & white film photography workshop with Jon Canlas and Mike Caputo at The Hawaii Darkroom, located on Hawaii Island (Big Island) in the historic town of Hilo. In this three day workshop you will shoot, process, and print your film each and every day under the guidance of Jon and Mike. When you walk out of the darkroom in the evening you will be carrying full negative sleeves and handmade silver gelatin prints to admire!

This workshop is limited to 10 people for personal attention for every step of the process – shooting, developing, and printing. To make it as close to individual instruction as we can, we will be in two groups of five; the first will be out shooting with Jon where he will go over metering, shooting in any lighting situation, the zone system, and taking each attendees headshot and then some. The second group will be processing and printing with Mike where he will cover loading film in developing tanks and the chemicals used, darkroom printing, paper selection, making a test strip, contact sheets, and a photographic enlargement from a negative.

Midday the groups will change locations and hosts ensuring each person gets one-on-one time with both Jon and Mike for the complete process. The day will end with everyone in The Hawaii Darkroom – which can be instantly transformed in a saloon – outlining the next days shooting and printing agenda.

Equipment and Supplies Provided

Each attendee will receive a 25 sheet box of 8×10 resin coated paper and 3 rolls of Kodak 400TX in their choice of 35 or 120mm. Additional film and paper sizes will be available for purchase if desired.

Shooting Locations

The photo sessions with Jon will include Rainbow Falls, Coconut Island, Liliuokalani Park and Gardens, downtown Hilo and Bayfront, and Honoli’i Beach Park. Each day you will have a different beautiful location to photograph. 


Group 1

8am-12pm Shooting/Metering/Finding Light with Jon Canlas

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-5pm Developing Film and Printing with Mike Caputo

Group 2

8am-12pm Developing Film and Printing with Mike Caputo

12pm-1pm lunch

1pm-5pm Shooting/Metering/Finding Light with Jon Canlas

So what do you get with this workshop? 3 days of non-stop all immersive B&W film photography from loading the camera to drying your print and everything in between. All you need is a camera/lens, and a couple rolls of film. Are you looking for an excuse to live/breath/eat/sleep film? This workshop is for you. We will show you how film truly is not dead.


We ask that every participant bring one roll of exposed but undeveloped B&W Kodak 400TX film. The group that will begin the first morning in the darkroom will develop and print from this roll to start the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you in Hawaii!

K luv u

Jon Canlas

Mike Caputo

The Hawaii Darkroom where you will be developing film
 and making prints.